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    European Traffic Education Contest

    The European Traffic Education Contest (ETEC) aims to intensify traffic education in every country and thereby contribute to reducing the risk of children becoming involved in accidents on their bicycles. The Contest should encourage motoring and touring clubs to enhance or develop their own traffic education activities in their respective countries. Through this event the media and authorities should be made aware of the importance of this task.

    The Contest was created in 1986. It is held annually and takes place in September in the country of the host Club. At local, regional or national qualifying events, every participating Club selects a team of two girls and two boys aged between 10 to 12 years. Hence, this Event has the status of a European finale in which a regular 22 countries take part.

    The Contest takes up one full day, during which the children have to accomplish various theoretical and practical exercises. The best team wins a challenge cup. The contestants are not ranked individually.

    In 2020, there was no ETEC event due to the Covid pandemic.

    In 2021, the FIA Region I’s European Traffic Education Contest comes in digital game platform under the name: European Traffic Education Training. Amidst the pandemic, this digital solution offers the children exciting and fun activities to learn about road safety, and to train their theoretical knowledge on traffic rules. The purpose of European Traffic Education Training is to get back to the fundamentals of our mission which is to train as many children as possible on road safety and traffic rules.

    For all information related to 37th ETEC event in September 2024 in France please contact Martina Di Pasquale at mdipasquale@fia.com .


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