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    RAS Russia wins the 2015 European Traffic Education Contest

    09 September 2015

    The 30th annual European Traffic Education Contest took place from 3-5 September 2015 and was hosted by by the Austrian Automobile Club, ÖAMTC.  RAS Russia came in first place, with RAF Russia in second and LAMB Latvia in third place. NAF, Norway won the FIA Region I helmet challenge by decorating the most creative bike helmet.

    In addition to the contest challenges, Austrian racing driver Alex Wurz and cycling champion Bernhard Kohl hosted a cycling contest.

    Alex Wurz, professional racing driver, said: “Being active in the field of driver training, I believe that knowing how to be safe on the road is a lifelong process and it is great to see these children getting such a good start thanks to the European Traffic Education Contest.”

    Werner Kraus ÖAMTC President, said: “Road accidents can happen at any time and on any street. This is why it is essential that children understand and respect the rules of the road. I am very proud that ÖAMTC was the host for the 30th anniversary of this event and for the first year in which it has received funding from the European Commission.”

    Download the photos from ETEC 2015