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    29 September 2023


    From 22 to 24 September, 76 children from across Europe gathered in Bar, Montenegro for the 36th European Traffic Education Contest.

    The majority of the children were national winners of the traffic education contests in their home countries and came to Bar to demonstrate their precise and in-depth knowledge of cycling and traffic rules.

    Children needed to complete seven stations of activities which included practical stations such as cycling through obstacles and simulated traffic situations, as well as completing theoretical exercises that target their cycling knowledge.

    The team from AMSS Serbia won this year’s edition once again, followed by LAMB Latvia in second place and ACCR Czech Republic who came in third. Teams from these three countries received the highest scores in six stations of the contest.



    One of the station activities was helmet decoration. Children poured their creativity into decorating helmets with simple craft materials and came up with beautiful helmet designs. One of the helmets featured all the countries that took part in this year’s contest while another helmet was decorated as a ladybug.

    Teams at the contest voted for the best helmet of the year, and ACA Albania received the best-decorated helmet award. Their helmet featured a small road and was decorated with stop-and-go signs among other drawings.

    The European Traffic Education Contest began in 1986 and aims to strengthen young children’s knowledge of traffic rules to reduce the risks of road accidents. The bicycle is a common form of mobility that can start from a young age and by encouraging safe cycling behaviour, the FIA Region I aims to contribute to fewer road accidents.

    The contest is supported by the FIA Foundation and the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.

    More information about ETEC here

    Watch the video from this year’s edition: