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    88 children from all over Europe put their road safety knowledge to the test

    19 September 2019

    On 13 September, 88 children from 19 European countries tested their knowledge of traffic rules at the 2019 European Traffic Education Contest, hosted in Geneva by Touring Club Switzerland (TCS).

    Each team, made up of two boys and two girls aged between 10 and 12 years old, demonstrated their road safety education in several theoretical and practical tests, such as bicycle obstacle courses, a traffic labyrinth, and a virtual reality game on hazard perception.

    The newly launched #2seconds campaign was promoted among participating children: they were invited to reflect on how much distance can be covered in only two seconds while riding a bike and therefore on the consequences of distraction.


    The contest was attended by Peter Goetschi, President of TCS, Jean Todt, FIA President and UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, and Thomas Møller Thomsen, FIA Region I President.

    Peter Goetschi, President of TCS, reminded that ETEC is not about competing with each other but showcasing commitment to road safety and making new friends from all over Europe: “You have worked hard to get to this European championship. I hope you are ready to show us just how good you are, how well you know traffic rules and how well you can behave in traffic. Today you will have the chance to show your skills and make the Clubs and Countries you represent proudly! But it’s not only about competing. You also will have the opportunity to make new friends”.

    Jean Todt, FIA President and UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, stressed how road safety education is essential to reduce road deaths: “Road safety is a problem for all of us: every day 3500 people die on the road of which 500 children. It is not acceptable. Events like ETEC are essential to raise awareness and promote road safety education”.

    Thomas Møller Thomsen, FIA Region I President, invited participants to be ambassadors for road safety “I hope your commitment to road safety does not end with this contest: I encourage you to continue your efforts to be better cyclists and pedestrians, to be in a few years also better drivers”

    UAMK (Czech Republic) won this year’s contest with ASA (Slovakia) securing second place and AMSS (Serbia) the third place. Furthermore, HAK (Croatia) won the FIA Region I helmet decorating challenge.