• RAF (Russia) wins the 2018 edition of the European Traffic Education Contest

    10 September 2018
    ETEC 2018   ETEC 2018

    On 7 September 2018, RAF (Russia) won the European Traffic Education Contest 2018 with LAMB (Latvia) as well as RAS (Russia) in second place and AMSS (Serbia) in third place. Furthermore, FFCT (France) won the FIA Region I helmet decorating challenge.

    The contest took place from 6 to 9 September and was hosted in Budapest by the Magyar Autóclub (MAK).

    The opening ceremony saw the participation of the Deputy State Secretary, Mr Csampa Zsolt, the President of Magyar Autóklub, Dr József Hatala, and FIA Region I President, Mr Thomas Møller Thomsen.

    While addressing the audience, Dr József Hatala, President of Magyar Autóklub, stressed that “The Magyar Autóklub has always emphasised how important is that the young generation is prepared for the challenges of road safety”.

    Thomas Møller Thomsen, FIA Region I President, said: “This year the FIA Region I and many of its Clubs are running the “Slow Down Saves Lives” campaign. Excessive speed is one of the main killers on our roads, when you return home I hope you tell your parents and families to respect the speed limits”.

    Indeed, during the contest participants kids had the occasion to take part to the campaign #SlowDown that FIA Region I will be launching on 19 September.

    Nearly 100 children from 24 countries joined the contest after having succeeded in regional and national traffic education competitions. In 2018, the contest included three bicycle obstacle courses, a traffic labyrinth, a virtual reality bicycle simulator and a helmet decoration challenge. Each team is made up of two girls and two boys aged between 10 to 12 years.