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    EU climate ambition calls for effective and efficient implementation policies

    17 September 2020

    By raising its 2030 climate reduction target to 55%, the European Union confirms its ambition to become climate-neutral by 2050. In order to reach that goal, important adjustments will be necessary in all areas of society

    “This decision calls for further action in all policy areas. This level of ambition will require a sustained action plan and continuous support from both the EU and its Member States to succeed” said Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I.

    The transport sector can be part of the solution to reach the set goal. It is, however, one of the backbones of society and its economic and social development and already subject to a number of measures to reduce its emissions. The FIA European Bureau recently published research confirming that technology, investment, and command and control measures are most effective in further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    “Notwithstanding achievements reached so far, revised vehicle emission standards, progress towards circular economy and a lifecycle perspective matched by efficient vehicle labelling, further deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, and the involvement of civil society through initiatives such as the European Climate Pact offer opportunities to contribute to achieving the goal. We call on the Commission to keep the users at the centre of their strategy to further decarbonise the economy, in order to ensure its future efficiency” added Laurianne Krid.

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    Notes to editors

    The expert review carried out by the Impact Assessment Institute, Element Energy, and Cambridge Econometrics scrutinised the study “Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Charging and Internalisation of Transport Externalities (STICITE)” and the “Handbook on the external costs of transport version 2019”, both published by the European Commission in 2019. Based on this thorough review, the researchers made recommendations for further study.

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