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    Expert study: Automotive digital transformation and economic impacts of limited data access

    19 September 2023

    The FIA Region I commissioned QUANTALYSE and Schönenberger Advisory Services to deliver a study on the economic impact of vehicle data access models on the European automotive aftermarket over the short to mid-term. A consumer survey; analysis of aftermarket insights and of technological and legislative trends; more than 10 interviews with experts and senior executives; and quantitative modelling experience serve as the foundation for findings presented in this paper.

    The European aftermarket constitutes a major segment within the automotive value chain, providing maintenance, support, and enhancements for vehicles in operation. With approximately 360 million passenger and light commercial vehicles owned by consumers and businesses, the European aftermarket generates annual revenues exceeding €280 billion.

    This study assessed the positions of key (independent) players within the value chain, considering the significant market, technological, competitive, and consumer shifts described earlier. It underscores how the delicate balance that has been maintained for years among OEMs, the independent aftermarket, and retailers is now gradually eroding.

    Read the full study here