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    Expert study: Vision Zero, the ageing population and the impact of rapidly developing vehicle and infrastructure transformations

    01 July 2024

    Vision Zero refers to the concept that all traffic-related deaths and serious injuries are preventable, and that it is the responsibility of policymakers and enforcement authorities to create safe environments for all road users. There is special emphasis on accident prevention of vulnerable road users like pedestrians and of two-wheeled vehicles. Within the category of vulnerable road users, the elderly population deserves special attention.

    This report is intended to provide recommendations for action to help mobility clubs, other mobility sector stakeholders and the legislator to evaluate their own strategy for their Vision Zero development and implementation of safety measures, in particular with respect to elderly traffic participants.

    The outcome of this report is based on three pillars that serve as the tenets of a Vision Zero safety strategy:

    1. Strengthen awareness of Vision Zero among decision-makers and society
    2. Perform analysis of data to identify intervention points
    3. Pay attention to new trends and promote implementation of state-of-the-art safety technologies, providing these are intuitive, user friendly and are affordable.

    Read the study here