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    04 September 2023

    The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile European Bureau (FIA EB) appointed Steer to deliver a study on the information provided to consumers on electric vehicles’ performance and usage.

    The FIA EB aim to understand the implications on the uptake of EVs in Europe from a consumer perspective. This includes understanding what information consumers should receive or find when considering purchasing an EV, and relevant information that is not readily available for consumers, including on vehicle performance and the overall charging experience.

    In June 2023, battery electric vehicle sales reached 15.1%, overtaking diesel share for the first time. Despite this growth, there are several barriers to EV adoption such as range anxiety, high purchase costs, lack of equitable chargepoint provision and lack of overall consumer knowledge on EVs. Therefore, the need for clear and transparent information for consumers considering purchasing or using an electric vehicle is important for wider adoption and supporting climate change goals.

    Understanding the availability, quality and consistency of consumer information on EVs is central to this study. Prime objectives of this study are to identify whether the level of information provided to consumers regarding EV is adequate, and to provide recommendations to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions when purchasing an EV.

    Read the full study here