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    01 July 2024

    1 July 2024, Brussels – FIA Region I releases a new study today highlighting recommendations for the Vision Zero policy framework, with a specific emphasis on addressing the needs of the elderly.

    Vision Zero is a road safety framework that stipulates no one should lose their life in road accidents. Its principles are based on the safe-systems approach, which underscores the mutual responsibility between road users and traffic authorities. The EU’s Road Safety Policy Framework incorporates Vision Zero principles and is known for its goal to reduce all road fatalities to zero by 2050.

    The study outlines three pillars to meet the EU’s Vision Zero policy framework:

    1. Raising awareness of Vision Zero among decision-makers and society.
    2. Performing data analysis of road safety statistics to identify intervention points.
    3. Paying attention to new trends and promoting the implementation of safety technologies that are intuitive, user-friendly, and affordable.

    Concrete recommendations in the study include promoting information campaigns on Vision Zero, collecting data on fatal injuries of road users, ensuring accessible and user-friendly public transport options, encouraging lifelong and active mobility, and offering voluntary fitness-to-drive tests.

    “Increasing road safety is a key priority for FIA Region I. Our study demonstrates the need for a proactive and comprehensive approach to road safety. By working with different stakeholders, we can encourage a collaborative mindset towards road safety, where mutual responsibility plays an important role in achieving zero accidents and ultimately delivering the Vision Zero policy of the EU,” stated Laurianne Krid, FIA Region I Director General.

    FIA Region I consistently advocates for road safety through various awareness campaigns such as the Drive with Care campaign, the Hi-Drive campaign on automated driving, and traffic education activities including the European Traffic Education Contest and the International Best Young Driver Contest.

    Read the full study here

    Lisandra Fesalbon
    FIA Region I
    Communications Manager