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    Club News: HAK tells Croatian motorists to Think Bikes!

    25 September 2015

    The FIA Region I Think Bikes campaign has been actively promoted in Croatia, where the Hrvatski Autoklub (HAK) has been raising awareness for vulnerable road users on bikes, motorcycles and scooters, to the public.

    HAK has produced a translation of the Think Bikes animation which has been added to a special Think Bikes page on HAK’s website along with a project description and a number of tips for drivers

    In addition to the stickers to support the campaign, HAK organised the ‘Days of roadworthiness for motorcycles’, which took place in April and May 2015. During these days, the promotional leaflets were distributed to car owners in a dozen stations for technical inspection of vehicles. Car owners also received the Think Bikes stickers to put on the mirrors of their vehicle.

    HAK continued its activities by concluding an agreement with the City of Zagreb on carrying out the ‘European Cycling Challenge 2015’ (ECC 2015), which took place in May. The leaflets were distributed once again and both parties cooperated in designing and implementing an internet campaign. Zagreb Energy Week, from 11-16 May 2015, was also used for promotional activities for both the Think Bikes and the ECC 2015 campaigns. HAK has also organised an expert conference focused on these two programmes.

    Visit HAK’s Think Bikes page (in Croatian)