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    Club news: ACA launches Think Bikes in France

    06 May 2015

    Automobile Club Association France (ACA) have launched the FIA Region I awareness campaign “Think bikes, think motorbikes, think mirrors” in order to protect the most vulnerable road users: cyclists, motorcyclists and moped riders. The ACA is distributing free stickers to drivers, reminding them to think of two-wheelers and check their mirrors. These stickers can be used on the side view mirrors, inside the doors, on the side windows, or on the dashboard of the vehicle.

    ACA President Didier Bollecker said: “If the driver does not look in the side view mirror or check the blind spot before changing lanes, there is a risk of a collision, often with serious consequences. The message we send to drivers is simple: ‘think bikes, think motorbikes, think mirrors!’ Our stickers are there to remind drivers every time they are behind the wheel.”