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    11 October 2022

    From 8 to 9 October, 17 Best Young Driver finalists were in Madrid to compete for this year’s International Best Young Driver title. The Contest gathers young drivers aged 18 to 26 to showcase their safe driving skills and knowledge. Contestants have qualified in their own countries before attending the final round at the Jarama Circuit.

    Stefan Trimmel, from ÖAMTC Austria, won this year’s contest and is the 2022 International Best Young Driver. Urban Ostrez, from AMZS Slovenia, won 2nd place and Ioan Victor Sima, also from ÖAMTC Austria, won 3rd place.

    This year’s contest involved six exercises:

    • a wet slalom, each taking two runs in two different cars – one rear-wheel drive and the other front-wheel drive;
    • reverse slalom: once with a car without a reverse camera, i.e. with the help of mirrors, and the second time only with the help of the camera, since all the windows, except the front, were covered;
    • slalom with a ball in a bowl on the hood, where the ball was not allowed to fall out of the bowl during the ride;
    • parking: in the first part, the car had to be parked sideways, and in the second, the car had to be turned around in a very limited space (garage simulation);
    • “easy drift” and;
    • driving on “off-road” terrain.

    When speaking to this year’s contestants, many enjoyed the “easy drift” and the “off-road” terrain tasks the most while they all had difficulties with driving in reverse slalom only with the help of the camera.

    The goal of the contest is to encourage safer driving skills among young people. Young drivers are still overrepresented in road casualties. The contest serves as an event to put forward the message that young people can drive safely and responsibly.

    Other FIA Region I road safety and sustainability initiatives such as the Drive with Care road safety campaign and the MODALES project on low-emission driving were also shared with participants of the contest to encourage safe and low-emission driving behaviour.

    The International Best Young Driver Contest originated from AMZS Slovenia in 2017 and has since gained popularity among many FIA Region I Members. The Contest has proven to be a successful opportunity to connect with younger audiences as all national contests in nine countries have gained excellent participation results.

    This year’s edition was kindly hosted by RACE Spain and is supported by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.

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