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    First COFO Road Safety Meeting organised by PZM

    23 September 2022


    The first COFO Road Safety Meeting took place on 19-20 September in Poland, kindly hosted by PZM (Poland).

    Delegates from 7 Member Clubs attended this two-day event to discuss and participate in training on road safety. During these two days, Member Clubs got the opportunity to exchange knowledge and inform each other on the current road safety situation in their respective countries. 

    The first day included presentations from the FIA on the FIA Strategy for Road Safety Advocacy, and on Safe Streets, Clean Air and the Climate Action by the FIA Foundation.

    The day concluded with a kick-off session of the Road Safety Course by Delft University. This first session focused on evidence-based road safety interventions and Road Safety Advocacy. During the whole programme, participants will be introduced to topics including data collection, campaigning, and enforcement, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

    On the second day, delegates participated in training on the iRAP Star Rating for Schools methodology and the FIA School Assessment Toolkit. This was followed by an on-site assessment on the road infrastructure in school zones in Pruszków, Poland.

    The COFO Road Safety Meeting is supported by the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.

    Watch the video to see how it went: