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    Euro NCAP release: Quadricycle safety at a standstill

    06 April 2016

    Euro NCAP crash test results of four quadricycle models: the Aixam Crossover GTR, the Bajaj Qute, the Chatenet CH30 and the Microcar M.GO Family, show that there are still fundamental problems with the safety of this vehicle type. All four vehicles have been assessed using the same protocols that were used in 2014 when testing the first quadricycles. While some vehicles perform better than others, the standard of protection offered to the driver is still generally very low, leading to serious risks in collisions with other vehicles or obstacles.

    Euro NCAP’s first tests on heavy quadricycles in 2014 showed major shortcomings in safety. The organisation called for more realistic requirements from the regulators and for quadricycle manufacturers to take more responsibility for the safety of their products. Since then, more quadricycles have come onto the market and an updated European regulation has come into force, leading Euro NCAP to revisit the safety offered in this segment, with the support of Global NCAP in partnership with the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety.

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