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    Policy position on Euro 7

    11 April 2022

    The FIA European Bureau supports the European Union in its endeavours to achieve climate neutrality and improve air quality, and the revision of the stepwise regulation on pollutant emissions from road vehicles (Euro 7).

    Among others, FIA and Mobility Clubs contribute to these goals by sponsoring and actively participating in the Green NCAP program. This independent consumer program tests the environmental performance of new vehicles against performance criteria that are more ambitious than those laid down in Euro 6 legislation. Lifecycle Assessment is one of the ways in which Green NCAP informs citizens, industrial stakeholders, and governments, of the actual cradle-to-grave environmental impacts of various powertrains. It is a powerful tool to tackle the environmental performance concerns at the source.

    We recognize the importance of striking a balance between enhancing test requirements and enforcing them effectively, all while considering the associated costs. It is crucial to ensure that stringent regulations do not hinder the availability of smaller and more affordable vehicle models for consumers, as imposing additional technical requirements and the potential non-compliance with legal regulations could significantly inflate production costs, thereby making it disproportionately expensive to manufacture such vehicles.

    Read the FIA EB Policy Position on Euro 7 here