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    European Parliament’s Plenary approves new vehicle safety rules

    18 April 2019

    On 16 April 2019, the European Parliament’s Plenary adopted the Regulation on new vehicle safety technology with 578 votes to 30, and 25 abstentions.

    The vote confirmed the ambitious text provisionally agreed between the European Parliament and the Council during trilogue discussions (see our news).

    For new passenger cars, it will be mandatory to have among others: an emergency braking system, an emergency lane-keeping system, and an intelligent speed assistance system. Regarding ISA, as agreed in trilogue, the technology will be overridable and the driver will be allowed to switch it off.

    Most of these technologies and systems are due to become mandatory as from May 2022 for new models and as from May 2024 for existing models.

    The new rules also improve passive safety requirements, including crash tests (front and side), as well as windscreens.

    In order to enter into force, the text still needs to be adopted by the Council.

    Source: Press Release- Parliament approves EU rules requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles