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    EU agrees on new safety technologies in cars

    26 March 2019

    FIA Region I welcomes the provisional agreement of the EU institutions on fitting new safety technologies to vehicles. The approach should significantly reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on Europe’s roads.

    As advocated by FIA Region I, the agreement sets out an ambitious approach to road safety, introducing proven safety technologies as standard for all vehicles, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems.

    The institutions have also made Intelligent Speed Assistance mandatory in vehicles. The technology will be overridable and the driver will be allowed to switch it off. This flexibility is necessary as ISA systems still rely on external conditions to work properly.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I commented: “There are still too many lives lost on our roads today and in-vehicle technologies can go a long way to improve road safety. However, investment and upkeep of our roads are needed for many of these technologies to function at their best. In addition, drivers need to be properly trained to use these new technologies. Once the legislation kicks in, I hope to see every player committed to ensuring the proposal actually lives up to its promises.”

    The European Parliament and the Council will still need to formally adopt the agreements and it is unclear whether this will be possible before the European elections in May.



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