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    Club News: RACJ brings #ParkYourPhone to Jordan

    11 October 2017

    The Royal Automobile Club of Jordan (RACJ) launched #ParkYourPhone with a series of activities  from 17 to 27 September 2017.

    RACJ, in collaboration with the Traffic Department, launched the “I am committed” campaign to monitor those that use smartphones while driving, walking or cycling. Anyone passing along the Jordan University road that didn’t use their mobile phone got an “I am committed” sticker. Those seen using the phone received ‘fines’ with road safety messages on the back of the fine.

    The initiative gathered significant media attention with citations in 10 local newspapers.

    The Club’s social media accounts promoted the #ParkYourPhone animations and poster, a special caricature for #ParkYourPhone was produced and posted on the social platforms.

    ZAIN Telecom partnered up with RACJ and sent 200,000 text messages including all FIA videos to mobile users. Abeer Faraj from RACJ was interviewed to talk about the campaign by Randa Karadsheh on Zain Telecom Facebook live on Tuesday 26 September.

    Watch the full interview of Abeer Faraj (in Arabic )