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    Project EDWARD 2017: European Day Without A Road Death

    26 September 2017

    21 September 2017 was the second European Day Without a Road Death (Project EDWARD). This initiative aims to encourage all road users to be more aware of safety when in traffic.

    From the results provided by 25 countries and despite the Project EDWARD initiative, 37 people lost their lives on 21 September. Of these, 10 fatalities occurred in Poland, 6 in Greece and 6 in Romania. Five countries have yet to report their figures.

    There was significant media attention with reports and interviews on a many TV and radio stations across Europe. The social media activity was very impressive as it reached 25 million impressions for #ProjectEDWARD. In countries like Ireland, the UK and Germany, #ProjectEDWARD was in the top 5 trending hashtags. It also had a trending presence in Spain and other countries.

    FIA Region I is supporting Project EDWARD with the #ParkYourPhone campaign, involving two events in Brussels on 17 and 27 September. The campaign will target road users distracted by smartphones. European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc voiced her support for the campaign. The campaign will be rolled out across Europe the Middle East and Africa by FIA Clubs in autumn 2017.