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    Club news: AAT launches #ParkYourPhone campaign in Tanzania

    24 May 2018

    Automobile Association Tanzania (AAT) has begun the #ParkYourPhone campaign to educate all road users on the danger of using mobile phones when they are on the road.

    AAT Chief Executive Officer and Safer School Project Educator Yusuf Ghor said, “We will use social media and online tools to share these messages. We are targeting 50 schools in Dar es Salaam region, training 1,200 teachers, so that 26,000 kids can benefit from the program. Schools in Illala, Ubungo, Kigamboni, and Kinondoni will also participate in the program.”

    With the campaign, the Club will provide flyers with road safety signs, and reflective vests. AAT will be assisting the City Council by putting up road signs around primary schools advising drivers that there’s a school ahead and to slow down.