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    Club news: RACC launches a new web portal and self-test for lifelong safe mobility

    07 March 2018

    The RACC Foundation has developed a website – www.saluticonduccio.cat – that offers information, self-assessment tools, tips and alternatives to empower motorists to make responsible decisions about their driving skills. Based on the principle of active responsibility, the website is structured in three broad areas: one dedicated to the driver, another dedicated to relatives and people close to the driver and a third party dedicated to health and psychology professionals that are in contact with the driver.

    The website offers an online self-test, with a series of exercises for perceptive and cognitive abilities, that will give a personalised result based on the individual’s responses. It has a section dedicated to families and another dedicated to professionals. There are families, mainly sons and daughters, who could be worried about the road safety of their relatives. In this section, they will find resources to address the subject with assertiveness and respect, while also offering valid alternatives to guarantee safe mobility for all the family. The area dedicated to health and psychology professionals provides information about drugs and their impact on health conditions that could affect the driving skills.

    This project was funded by the FIA Road Safety Grant Program.