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    Club news: ADAC and AvD demand for better mileage protection

    16 June 2015

    The German automobile Clubs ADAC and AvD state the car manufacturers could prevent mileage fraud crimes with better data protection. According to ADAC, odometer tampering devices work in many car models “in seconds”. ADAC criticises car manufacturers, saying that new cars are virtually “prepared for manipulation in the factory” because electronics are inadequately protected and software functions can be cracked easily.

    The AvD says the car manufacturers do too little, and therefore it has launched an initiative together with two software companies in 2013. The Club wants to fight mileage fraud with a database that would include a repair and maintenance data including the mileage of the car, creating a nation-wide information system where  used car buyers could have accurate, online information about the mileage of cars.

    The German police believe that every third car sold in Germany has a fake odometer reading. If this is accurate, odometer scammers are earning five to six billion euros annually.

    Read the full article here (in German)