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    Club news: LAMB promotes Think Bikes at Latvian petrol stations

    02 June 2015

    In April, Auto-moto Society of Latvia (LAMB) launched their national Think Bikes campaign, Cyclist?! The campaign was promoted at Latvian Statoil petrol stations. The Think Bikes stickers were distributed to customers as a reminder to ‘check your mirrors’ for cyclists.

    Stickers were also distributed during the annual Motor Show Auto 2015, which is one of the most popular exhibitions in Latvia. Similarly, information about the project and stickers have been shared to LAMB members by LAMB patrol teams during roadside assistance services.

    The need for a campaign like “Cyclist?!” is particularly important in Riga and other major Latvian cities where the number of bicycle lanes is growing rapidly, which, together with the approaching warm weather, increases the number of cyclists on the road. Overall 20,000 stickers have been distributed among drivers during the campaign, and it has also been covered by the Latvian media.