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    Club news: ANWB highlights road safety concerns with driver understanding of Lane Assist systems

    15 November 2016

    Lane Assist systems do not always function the way they should. ANWB and Royal HaskoningDHV carried out a road test with four different car models and a questionnaire answered by approximately 100 car drivers, ANWB members, using Lane Assist systems. The problems are not always originating from the system itself, but conditions surrounding use of the car, such as information to end-users on expectations of the system.

    Drivers tend to overestimate the accuracy of these systems, as they use the Lane Assist functions without sufficient information on its limitations. This lack of knowledge means risks to traffic safety, because tests on the road revealed the system does not recognise road markings under all circumstances. This is mostly due to a reduced visibility of the road markings, which leads to the car not reading the road and not supporting the driver as intended. The system not being flawless combined with drivers who overestimate the Lane Keeping capacity can lead to a decrease in traffic safety. The research of ANWB and Royal Haskoning leads to some recommendations to improve safe usage of the systems.

    • Improve consumer information – Drivers are inadequately informed about the advantages and restrictions of the system. Half of the respondents use the systems without any preparation or understanding of its limits.
    • Improve the safety systems – Car manufacturers need to improve their systems. Because most car drivers will blindly trust a safety system, it needs to function under all circumstances. It needs to be clearly indicated when the system is not functioning. A small signal in the dashboard is not sufficient for this.
    • Improve road markings Road authorities can improve the working of the systems by improving the road markings. Visibility needs to be guaranteed, also under wet conditions and at night.

    For more information vontact Chris Hottentot (ANWB), +31 88 269 6649, chottentot@anwb.nl or Evert Klem (Royal HaskoningDHV), +31 88 348 31 37, evert.klem@rhdhv.com.