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    Club News: 29 European countries prohibit the use of mobile phones while driving, reports ADAC

    14 February 2018
    Sweden is the last country in Europe to prohibit the use of mobile phones while driving. Vehicle users caught making a phone call or texting messages while driving will face a fine of €160. Deutsche Motorradfahrer-Vereinigung (ADAC) made a list of the fines currently imposed on the use of mobile phones while driving in 29 European countries . Countries with a relatively small fine for mobile use include Bulgaria, Latvia and Iceland. On the contrary Great Britain and Estonia impose the highest fines with up to €1,100 and minimum 400€ respectively. More and more countries directly or indirectly include cyclists in their mobile phone ban. This applies to France, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Hungary. ADAC believes that driver distraction and drink driving play an equally important role in the cause of accidents. According to estimates, one in ten road traffic accidents involving personal injury is caused by inattention. It is mainly smartphones and satnav devices that distract drivers from the road.