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    White Paper on Transport: MEPs call on the Commission to put road users at the heart of transport

    09 September 2015

    On 9 September, the European Parliament voted on its mid-term assessment of the White Paper on Transport. The FIA strongly supports the Parliament’s approach, which puts consumers at the heart of transport policy initiatives. The report, by MEP Wim van de Camp, urges the constructive use of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and highlights the importance of digitisation for better productivity and efficiency. Taking advantage of the latest technologies will help achieve mobility goals much more effectively.

    The Parliament calls for the swift adoption of a 40% reduction of the serious injuries from road accidents, a target which was recently withdrawn by the Commission. Building on the work already done to propose a common definition for serious injuries, the FIA urges the Commission to take the next step and set an ambitious reduction target. Setting targets on fatalities has helped decrease deaths on the road; however, serious injury levels are still unacceptably high. On a further boost to road safety, MEPs also cite the need to foster post-license training for vehicle users, a measure that has successfully decreased fatalities by 28% among young drivers in Austria within three years of implementation.

    Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General said: “The European Parliament has today supported many important initiatives that will keep users at the centre of transport. Mobility must capitalise upon the latest technologies, which can reduce congestion, increase safety and lower pollution. It is the most efficient manner for authorities to meet the mobility needs of citizens. We would like to remind decision-makers that road users accept the pay-per-use principle already today and contribute to national budgets significantly in excess to what is being spent on road infrastructure. Distance-based charging, if introduced nationally, should in any case remain revenue neutral.”




    The White Paper on Transport was published by the European Commission in 2011 as a roadmap to a single European transport area. The Commission is seeking to assess its achievements in the objectives set by the White Paper via stakeholder consultation and a stocktaking exercise. FIA Region I has contributed to the consultation. The TRAN Committee drafted a report as an ‘own-initiative’, to evaluate the Commission’s work and contribute its own objectives to the goals that the Commission is working towards.

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