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    Vehicle type approval: EU Member States call for market surveillance but fail to secure independent funding and checks

    29 May 2017

    Brussels, 29 May 2017 – FIA Region I welcomes the position adopted by the Member States regarding the revision of the vehicle type approval Regulation. The Council’s decision to impose some checks after vehicles are put into circulation is a positive step forward. However, FIA Region I and its Mobility Clubs are concerned with the lack of a clear financing mechanism, which would secure the independence of type approval authorities from vehicle manufacturers.

    “Independent third party testing is crucial to avoid another dieselgate. Allowing third parties to access additional data will complement government testing, without a significant impact on national budgets. It could help restore consumer trust following the recent scandal,” said Laurianne Krid, FIA Region I Director General.

    Next, the European Parliament and Council will agree on the final text. FIA Region I calls on both institutions to make sure that regaining consumer confidence is the definitive result of this revision.


    Read the FIA Region I policy position on vehicle type approval

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