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    Transport Ministers call for clarity with NOx emissions

    07 June 2016

    On 7 June, EU Transport Ministers debated on the best way to cut NOx emissions from diesel cars in the wake of the VW scandal. They reflected on possible ways to improve existing legislation to avoid illegal use of defeat devices and explored what technical solutions could already minimise emissions. The Dutch Presidency encouraged Member States to share the findings of their enquiries with other. The proposal to update Euro 5 legislation on the use of defeat devices would have increased uncertainties, rather than bringing the necessary clarity.

    Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General said: “Consumers need to be able to trust that the car they purchase is as clean and efficient as advertised. Today, that is clearly not the case. The Council should work to improve overall compliance with the law and full transparency, rather than adding uncertain wording to provisions on defeat devices. In our recently published position on the revision of the type approval, we also encourage decision makers to make information available for independent testing houses for additional compliance testing. Our Clubs are already acting as watchdogs for car safety and ecological impact today.”

    Notes to editors

    Download the FIA Region I Policy Position on vehicle type approval (671.6 KB)

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