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    MEPs strengthen vehicle type approval proposal

    09 February 2017

    On 9 February, the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee adopted its report on the vehicle type approval regulation.

    FIA Region I President Thierry Willemarck, said “Today’s IMCO vote is a step in the right direction. Our European Mobility Clubs particularly welcome improvements in ensuring market surveillance, enhancing transparency and ensuring some European oversight. As recognised and independent organisations, Mobility Clubs are looking forward to taking an active role in the process, thus ensuring that vehicle approvals deliver what citizens need.”

    FIA Region I particularly welcomes the following provisions:

    • Member States will be responsible for ensuring that market surveillance costs are covered, either based on fees or through national budgets. Markets surveillance authorities will be clearly separated from type approval authorities to avoid conflicts of interest. Activities will be based on state of the art tests, such as real driving emissions, in order to ensure compliance of vehicles on the roads.
    • Results of market surveillance activities will be made available to a broader public in plain and understandable language. In addition, third party testers will be granted access to additional data to perform independent tests. Third party tests results and complaints will reach all European authorities via an available online tool.
    • Finally, the European Commission will be empowered to carry market surveillance activities directly and take remedy actions in case of non-compliance. This will serve as a safeguard to ensure that vehicles comply with safety and environmental standards.

    The European Parliament will now vote on the report in an upcoming plenary meeting. FIA Region I encourages the European Council to safeguard the independence of market surveillance authorities, increased transparency and EU oversight in their work.


    Notes to editors

    Download the Policy Position on Vehicle Type Approval (671.6 KB)

    What is vehicle type approval?
    The type approval assesses whether or not vehicles conform to the standards set by the EU and if they can be released onto the market. It is a process that provides a mechanism for ensuring that vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards. Within the process, one vehicle is tested as being representative of the ‘type’. A number of performance requirements will apply to a given vehicle type ranging from tires through to exhaust emissions and braking systems. To ensure a consistent approach, the test methodology is outlined in EU legislation and the tests are carried out at an appropriate facility.


    About FIA Region I
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