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    European Commission sets out to increase surveillance of vehicle type approval

    27 January 2016

    On 27 January, the European Commission published its proposed revision of vehicle type approval legislation. This update has been highly anticipated, especially in the light of the VW emissions scandal in late 2015. In a clear effort towards reform, the Commission calls for market surveillance for vehicles after their release. The proposal increases the oversight of type approval authorities and introduces regular checks from independent market surveillance authorities. In addition, the Commission reserves the right to verify whether vehicles or systems on the market adequately conform to the type approval granted both for new and registered vehicles. The data needed to verify compliance with type approval would also be made public in this proposal. Finally, the document seeks to streamline various legislation on access to repair and maintenance information.

    Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General said: “We welcome the Commission’s effort to address and eliminate deficiencies in the vehicle type approval process. New measures to ensure that vehicles put on European roads effectively comply with legislation are needed to restore driver trust and stimulate innovation. However, in the area of repair and maintenance data, more should be done to make the framework to access technical information future proof. Our current campaign ‘My Car, my Data’ demonstrates that motorists are eager to embrace connectivity, in a free and fair aftermarket.“


    Notes to editors

    What is vehicle type approval?

    The type approval assesses whether or not vehicles conform to the standards set by the EU and if they can be released onto the market. It is a process that provides a mechanism for ensuring that vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards. Within the process, one vehicle is tested as being representative of the ‘type’. A number of performance requirements will apply to a given vehicle type ranging from tires through to exhaust emissions and braking systems. To ensure a consistent approach, the test methodology is outlined in EU legislation and the tests are carried out at an appropriate facility.

    My Car My Data

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    • Consumers should have the right to choose among service providers competing in an open market place and to enable any chosen service provider you choose to access your vehicle data and associated functionalities via an open, secure telematics platform

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