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    Smart Mobility enerTIC Award 2018: ELVITEN one of the finalists

    04 October 2018

    The Expert Committee of enerTIC, a platform that aims to improve energy efficiency through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), selected the ELVITEN project as one of the finalists of their enerTIC awards 2018. On a recently published list, the ELVITEN project, in which FIA Region I is involved, is nominated for the category “Smart Mobility” along with two other projects. The annual enerTIC Awards recognises innovative projects committed to energy efficiency and sustainability, which are central aspects of the ELVITEN project.

    116 projects have been evaluated by the Committee following precise evaluation criteria. Among these, the degree of innovation of the project, the usability of ICT, the use of metrics and improvement indicators, the applicability in other environments and finally the impact on the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. There are 14 categories in total, among which  Smart Cities, Smart Industry 4.0, Smart Energy and International projects.

    Voting will be open to the public until 16 November 2018 and the winning projects will be announced at the official Award Ceremony, held at the Secretariat of State for Digital Advancement in Madrid on 12 December 2018. Finalist projects will be included in the VII Smart Reference Guide called “Technology for the improvement of Energy Efficiency” which will be presented at the Smart City Expo World Congress and during the enerTIC Awards Delivery Ceremony.

    We invite everyone to vote for the ELVITEN project. To cast your vote, you just need to register and log-in on the enerTIC Website and follow the instructions.