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    What is the safest, most secure and consumer friendly way to share car data?

    07 December 2017

    Connected cars are posing some major questions about how data generated by the driver is being used. Motorists are concerned about who will be using the data, for what purpose and at what cost. In a Europe-wide survey commissioned by FIA Region I, 95% of respondents supported dedicated rules and regulations concerning the access to car data (link to survey).

    Having in place specific legislation at the European level should ensure the safe and free flow of data from car makers to trusted third-party providers. This will help consumers gain access to a full range of services from a variety of trustworthy companies. It will also ensure a strong aftermarket for connected vehicle services, encouraging growth and innovation.

    Specific EU-level legislation would help develop a standardised, secure and open access platform for car data. Fair and equal footing of third-party service providers alongside manufacturers will enable consumers to fully benefit from their connected cars.

    Without specific rules and regulations for car data, motorists could lose out as the market place becomes less competitive, their data is potentially misused and they do not get any added value from the data they have ultimately produced.