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    11 October 2017

    On 27 September, Union des Automobilistes Bulgares (UAB) launched  the #ParkYourPhone campaign. Since the age when children get their first phone is getting younger and younger, UAB targeted kids. Former rally racer and champion, Krum Donchev, was the face of the campaign, which started at Detelina kindergarten, Sofia.

    Donchev, along with UAB representatives, gave a thorough presentation to the children in the kindergarten on road safety and reminded the adults attending not to use mobile phones while in traffic. After the session, all children received the sticker books produced by the FIA.

    Donchev said,  “I really admire what this campaign does. It’s very important that children are taught the safety rules while walking, cycling or crossing the streets. It would be a good idea, if such campaigns are added in the school curriculum.”

    UAB announced the start of the campaign several days prior to the event on multiple TV stations and radio programs. It is also distributing booklets with instructions to kindergartens and children’s centers around the country.