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    Policy position on Electromobility

    29 November 2021

    The FIA European Bureau supports the European Commission in the broad approach taken in its “Fit for 55” package; in particular, the FIA EB is in favour of the proposals to revise the vehicle fleet CO₂ emission targets and energy taxation, the promotion of sustainable renewable energy, and the inclusion of road transport into the existing emissions trading.

    Electromobility has a significant role to play in delivering a smooth transition. It fits into a global megatrend of electrification, digitalisation, and automation. Already with today’s EU27 electricity mix, electric vehicles constitute an efficient way of lowering emissions from the transport sector. As new electric vehicles’ prices decrease, the total cost of ownership for users will become increasingly attractive, since the operation costs are currently lower than those of ICE powered cars. A new ecosystem of freedom and new services may open for our members if they are able to produce their own fuel with PV solar cells on their premises.

    However, the FIA European Bureau believes that technology neutrality is key in the transition to climate-neutral mobility. The objective should be to ensure that motorists enjoy at least the same level of convenience as they do with conventional fuels and powertrains, at a comparable cost level.

    This position paper addresses both the policies and regulatory measures to promote the uptake of electric vehicles, and the deployment of the related necessary charging infrastructure. The FIA European Bureau further proposes measures to support the use of electricity produced from renewable energy and, where appropriate, highlights the potential to reform and revise applicable EU legislation. It focusses on the in-use measures that should be taken to support the deployment of electromobility based on renewable energy in the coming years.

    Read the FIA EB Policy Position on Electromobility here