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    Policy position on Electromobility

    29 November 2021

    The FIA European Bureau (EB) supports the approach taken by the European Commission in the European Green Deal to meet the ambitious climate targets set in the European Climate Law.

    Electromobility has a significant role to play in delivering a smooth transition to climate-neutrality, and it fits into a global megatrend of electrification, digitalisation, and automation. Already with today’s EU27 electricity mix, electric vehicles (EV) constitute an efficient way of lowering emissions from the transport sector.

    EV ownership will grow, primarily driven by their lower operational costs in comparison to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)-powered cars. However, it’s important to note that the attractiveness of this proposition relies on the preservation of the current taxation framework applied to electromobility. To empower consumers in making informed decisions, it is imperative to provide clarity regarding the sustainability of reduced taxes or direct subsidies currently offered to new vehicle buyers across most Member States. The FIA strongly advocates for transparent and reliable information regarding the continuity of these measures, ensuring that consumers have the necessary knowledge to navigate their choices wisely.

    This position paper addresses both the policies and regulatory measures to promote the uptake of vehicles fully powered by an electric motor, using electricity stored in an on-board battery that is charged by plugging into the electricity grid, and the deployment of the related necessary charging infrastructure. It further proposes measures to support the use of electricity produced from renewable energy sources and, where appropriate, highlights the potential to reform and revise applicable EU legislation.

    Read the FIA EB Policy Position on Electromobility here