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    Policy Position on Alternative Fuels Vehicles

    15 April 2020

    Demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles is growing across Europe and is expected to continue over the coming decades ahead. This increased growth in the number of such vehicles brings with it a number of challenges and opportunities for motorists. FIA Region I supports the deployment of alternatively fuelled cars, but believes actions are needed to ensure motorists have the same level of comfort and convenience as they do with traditional vehicles today.

    Our key recommendations:

    • Member States should increase the deployment of charging and fuelling infrastructure and set KPIs to measure their performance
    • Motorists should have easy access to information about the location, condition, operation and availability of charging stations
    • The pricing of charging and fuelling should be more transparent and there should be multiple payment options offered to consumers
    • Information about vehicle costs and emissions performance should be improved at the point of sale
    • Alternative fuels should be supported through legislation where they are truly sustainable and can offer significant emissions reductions