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    Who will be the 2022 International Best Young Driver?

    03 October 2022


    From 8 to 9 October, the FIA Region I is organizing the International Best Young Driver contest at the Jarama Circuit in Madrid, hosted by the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE).

    The contest is an initiative to raise awareness on road safety among young drivers (aged 18 to 26) and aims to put forward the message that young drivers can drive responsibly, safely, and can set a good example to both their peers and elders.

    9 Member Clubs of the FIA Region I will be participating in this year’s contest: AMZS (Slovenia), ANWB (The Netherlands), BIHAMK (Bosnia and Herzegovina), IAM Road Smart (The United Kingdom), MAK (Hungary), ÖAMTC (Austria), PZM (Poland), RACE (Spain), and UAB (Bulgaria).

    Each Club carried out their own national competitions to select their finalists. Most Clubs conducted theoretical tests on road traffic rules, practical sessions with vehicles or simulated first aid emergency situations. Finalists who received excellent scores in all national activities qualified for the final round in Madrid.

    This year’s International Best Young Driver finalists are:

    • Anja Kren and Urban Ostrez (AMZS, Slovenia)
    • Mert Ayvaz (ANWB, The Netherlands)
    • Amar Hadzimustafic and Sara Hodzic (BIHAMK, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    • Izaak James and Alice Kettlewell (IAM Road Smart, The United Kingdom)
    • Barnabas Redly and Lili Meszaros (MAK, Hungary)
    • Ioan-Victor Sima and Stefan Trimmel (ÖAMTC, Austria)
    • Alan Ochman and Jakub Kapanajko (PZM, Poland)
    • Isaac Perez Mora and Rebecca Mendoza Ferrer (RACE, Spain)
    • Svetislav Todorov and Valentin Blaginov (UAB, Bulgaria)

    The International Best Young Driver contest was first introduced nationally by AMZS (Slovenia) in 2017 and has since grown in popularity among young drivers and different members of the FIA Region I.

    Watch how last year’s event went in the video below