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    One year of ARCADE project: achievements and future developments

    12 September 2019
    The second ARCADE consortium meeting took place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 2 September. FIA Region I along with all other project partners met to discuss up to now achievements as well as future developments. In its first year, the ARCADE Consortium has achieved several milestones.
    • The EUCAD2019 Conference: co-organised by the EC with contribution from FIA Region I, brought together stakeholders from the public and private sectors to discuss the benefits and challenges of connected and automated driving (CAD).
    • Cooperation between ARCADE and the CCAM (Cooperative, Connected, Automated and Autonomous Mobility) Single Platform: A joint directive of DG MOVE, DG CNECT, DG GROW and DG RTD, the CCAM Single Platform was created to advise and support the EC in the area of road testing and pre-deployment activities. FIA Region I is a member of five different working groups (WG1, WG2, WG4, WG5, WG6) and is facilitating the access of its Mobility Clubs to the working groups.
    • Release of the CAD Knowledge Base: The ARCADE Knowledge Base was created as the one-stop shop for all data and information regarding CAD in Europe and beyond. FIA Region I is leading ARCADE’s efforts with regards to the Knowledge Base.
    At the end of the month, the ARCADE project will issue a press release to present two more developments: a roadmap that will include an analysis of the STRIA and ERTRAC roadmaps, as well as Initial Position reports from the Thematic Areas. Future developments to look forward to in ARCADE’s second year include:
    • The EUCAD2020 Symposium: Keep an eye out for the save the date! The second EUCAD Symposium is a one-day event organised into three sessions delve deeper into specific thematic areas related to the development and deployment of Connected and Automated Driving in Europe.
    • The inclusion of the efforts of the CCAM Single Platform in the CAD Knowledge Base, including information from the European Member States, such as R&I projects as well as policies and regulations related to the testing and deployment of CAD in Europe. In addition, the ARCADE project is liaising with the European High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence as well as the Expert Group to advise on specific ethical issues raised by driverless mobility and will publish relevant outputs from these groups.
      FIA Region I invites all Member Clubs interested in CAD to join the ARCADE Associated Partnership by following the link or sending an email to EU Project Officer Justyna Beckmann. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for up-to-date information regarding all thing’s CAD!