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    Explore ARCADE knowledge base on Connected and Automated Driving

    05 September 2019
    The ARCADE Knowledge Base is a one-stop-shop for data, knowledge and experiences on Connected Automated Driving (CAD) in Europe and around the world. As the leader of the organisation and dissemination of the website, FIA Region I invites all stakeholders interested in CAD to explore the Knowledge Base. The sharing of knowledge, data and experiences is essential for the development of connected and automated driving. Developed as part of the Horizon 2020 funded project ARCADE (Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected Automated Driving in Europe), the Knowledge Base gathers the scattered information among a broad network of CAD stakeholders. Upon visiting the website, stakeholders can explore different areas of research divided into twelve thematic areas and find up-to-date information regarding Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, as well as on regulations and policies. Since the Knowledge Base is ever-evolving and growing with the existing body of knowledge in the field, feedback from CAD stakeholders is invaluable and highly encouraged. FIA Region I invites all stakeholders to contact David Ertl (dertl@fia.com) for any inquiries related to the Knowledge Base. The ARCADE project seeks to support the cooperation between major CAD stakeholders from the automotive, infrastructure, ICT and service provision sectors. It promotes the exchange of knowledge from past and ongoing activities at national, European and international level and builds consensus on CAD deployment scenarios and research needs.