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    Discover the three finalists of the FIA Region I Start-Up Challenge

    22 October 2019

    On 22 October 2019, Region I held a Start-up’s “Meetup Day” in Vienna with 12 Start-ups and 50 Club delegates (including Club’s marketing, membership, business development, innovation, and senior management staff). Ideas and partnership proposals that start-ups ‘pitched’ to the Clubs were grouped into “road safety”, “car diagnostics”, and “new mobility” solutions (this latter category included proposals concerning mobility as a service, electro-mobility, demand responsive transport, traffic and transit information, and ride-sharing).

    Club delegates had the opportunity for one-to-one meetings with all 12 start-ups, and chose three finalists: Iomob, Alphahapp and VouchForMe. These three will have a further opportunity to pitch their idea at the upcoming FIA Annual General Assembly to all Region I Club’s senior management in Paris later this year.

    Iomob is a B2B, open MaaS Technology platform that creates marketplaces for mobility. Its platform lets cities and mobility service providers offer world-class connected mobility services in passenger transportation.

    Alphahapp is developing the “ummadum” platform to link mobility and retail markets. Users can share travels and request rides to save money and protect the environment.

    VouchForMe is a blockchain-powered insurance service enabling careful drivers to access lower insurance premiums, through sharing the risk of a high insurance deductible.

    The 12 shortlisted Start-ups came from a total of 67 applications to the Region I Start-up Challenge.

    See pictures of the event