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    MEPs reject weak emissions targets and call for a more ambitious proposal

    14 December 2015

    On 14 December, MEPs in the Committee for the Environment (ENVI) voted to reject a weak proposal to measure Real Driving Emissions for NOx. FIA Region I had urged policymakers to reject the Real Driving Emissions implementing measures (1) that were on the table and instead call for the introduction of a realistic real driving emissions test.

    FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard, said: “MEPs have roundly rejected a weak proposal which would place no real pressure on vehicle manufacturers to improve in-use vehicle emissions. Vehicles have been proven to be producing considerably higher NOx emissions in real life traffic. The European Parliament has made a strong statement to protect citizens and challenge manufacturers to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles, both on paper and in traffic.”

    Now, the work must begin to develop a more ambitious proposal, which effectively addresses the gap between real life and test emissions. This proposal should incentivise vehicle manufacturers to install efficient exhaust treatment systems that are available today and will further close the wide discrepancy between test and real life situations for exhaust systems.



    (1) Real Driving Emissions implementing measures were adopted by the Technical Committee of Motor Vehicles on 28 October. They proposed a “conformity factor” of 2.1, to begin in late 2017. This proposal means that cars would be allowed to emit more than twice the official limit. Two years later, it would fall to 1.5, meaning vehicles would be permitted to emit NOx up to 50% above legal limits into 2019.

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