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    Germany receives Commission’s green light for vignette charging system

    02 December 2016

    German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt and European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc reached a deal for a, supposedly, non-discriminatory roll out of a controversial road toll scheme in Germany. The German Minister has committed to earmark revenue from the new road taxation scheme to be re-invested into the road infrastructure. European motorists already pay a high level of taxation, covering their costs to the infrastructure at a ratio of 214%.

    Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General, said: “European motorists already pay a high level of taxes to use the roads. We hope that the German road toll scheme proposal removes any discrimination against non-Germans. Rather than placing an additional burden on motorists, the Commission and Member State governments should look to the income that is already being generated for better investment into Europe’s road network.”

    Some neighbouring countries, such as Austria and the Netherlands still question whether a system that compensates the costs for German nationals and not for foreigners can be non-discriminatory. As the proposal emerges, it will be examined in more detail by FIA Region I and our Mobility Clubs.

    Whether or not the scheme will be approved still depends on a vote in the German Parliament, which is unlikely to happen before the upcoming elections. Nevertheless, the Commission seems determined to use this momentum to push forward its goal to add passenger cars to the Eurovignette Directive, thus facilitating Member States to change or increase their taxation of private cars.


    Notes to editors

    Find out more about the road tax revenue and government expenditure on the road network with the Better Deal for Motorists campaign.

    Visit betterdeal4motorists.eu

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