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    First EUCAD2020 Symposium webinar discusses infrastructure for automated driving

    28 May 2020

    Over 200 participants from across the world attended the first webinar of EUCAD2020 Symposium, hosted by the ARCADE project in collaboration with ERTICO. The event brought together experts from BMW, ASFINAG, MAPtm, FEHRL and Huawei who are involved in the latest on-going infrastructure projects focused on automation. 

    Infrastructure plays a key role in the development of automated driving. Jacqueline Erhart, Team Leader Cooperative Connected Automated Driving at ASFINAG stressed the importance of working together to identify the different roles necessary in the vehicle and infrastructure industry and to find a common solution. Also according to Thierry Goger, Secretary-General of FEHRL “There is a great need for synergy between infrastructure and vehicles. Infrastructure can increase vehicles’ perception and lead them through difficult situations.  

    Armin Graeter, Technical Product Manager Regulation Automated Driving at BMW stressed the complexity of the environment in which autonomous vehicles will operate as the vehicles speed, the number of obstacles and objects detected are different from highway roads than in a city. “CAD still faces huge technological challenges. We need to be aware that roll-out is limited due to the complexity of the scenario. Digital infrastructure needs to deliver its contribution”, he continued. 

    Webinar recording and presentations are available on EUCAD2020 website. 

    Three further EUCAD2020 webinars will be organised later in the year.