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    FIA Region I presents new MEPs our Manifesto for Mobility

    07 November 2019

    On 6 November 2019, FIA Region I organised an evening debate together with newly elected members of the European Parliament. The purpose was to present EU decision-makers our policy priorities for the new EU legislative term and in particular our position on access to in-vehicle data.

    The event was opened by FIA Region I President, Thomas Møller Thomsen, and FIA President and UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, Jean Todt, who reminded EU decision-makers how important is to guarantee consumer rights also in mobility.

    FIA Region I President stressed how connectivity is a crucial issue for FIA Region I members and for consumers, mentioning all our efforts to raise this issue since the MyCarMyData campaign. “There is lots of work to be done here, be it through new regulations that we believe are necessary to ensure fair access to vehicle data, to requirements on public transport authorities to grant access to ticketing and scheduling information. I am very hopeful that the European Union will act urgently and decisively in tackling these issues”.

    FIA President evoked the FIA Region I’s Manifesto for Mobility, adopted before the European elections “The Manifesto outlines six focus points to achieve a safe, affordable, sustainable and efficient mobility. Consider this when designing your policy as it will improve consumer rights”. He particularly stressed FIA commitment for safe mobility, as road safety has been a key goal since its foundation.

    Luc Hoegaerts, Quantalyse and Brit Schönenberger, Schönenberger Services, presented the main results of their study on the automotive digital transformation, showing that the current access to data models developed by vehicle manufacturers will entail huge economic costs for European consumers and aftermarket service providers. Indeed such models could lead to consumers and independent service providers having to absorb costs of around €65 billion per year by 2030.

    A panel discussion with Joanna Szychowska, Head of Unit at DG GROW, and Claire Depré, Head of Unit at DG MOVE, gave the audience the point of view of the European Commission. Both representatives recognised the need to intervene in the field of access to data but highlighted also some of the challenges that as legislator they are facing: for instance, the hurdle of finding a legislative framework that is fit for purpose and future proof, as technologies change fast.

    Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I, closed the event unveiling the new FIA Region I video animation on in-vehicle data, that will be used to raise awareness of the risks related to current data access models among decision-makers in the following months.

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