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    Manifesto for Mobility

    Ahead of the upcoming European elections, FIA Region I and its Members adopted the “Manifesto for Mobility” outlining some of the key areas where actions are needed at the European level when it comes to mobility.

    In the next parliamentary term, it is essential that MEPs support the interests of consumers as a core principle of their work and ensure that legislation keeps up with technological developments while allowing for innovation.

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    Find out below which are our six focus points:

    1. Mainstreaming the user interest in EU decision making
    FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

    • Put the user interests first in all relevant EU legislation
    • Prioritise measures to advance and improve the rights of consumers
    • Support measures to better inform all users about their mobility choices
    • Ensure that mobility is affordable for all
    2. Improving road safety in Europe
    FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

    • Prioritise measures that reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Europe’s roads by 50% by 2030
    • Support measures to improve driver training and awareness of safety technologies
    • Champion further EU investment into improving and maintaining road infrastructure with the aim of ensuring adequate safety and operational levels of road infrastructures
    • Ensure that advances in automated mobility apply the highest consumer safety standards
    3. Connected mobility and consumer choice
    FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

    • Prioritise a safe, secure and consumer-friendly approach to connected mobility
    • Champion fair competition in the growing digital automotive aftermarket
    • Back legislation that ensures strong consumer choice and fair access to vehicle data
    • Monitor the implementation of measures that protect data and privacy such as the GDPR
    4. Clean mobility for the real world
    FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

    • Support initiatives that give consumers more reliable and easy to understand information about the environmental footprint and life cycles emissions of vehicles, their parts and fuels
    • Support actions that make vehicles cleaner and more affordable
    • Focus on measures that reduce emissions at source rather than on the use of tolls and charges
    • Push for measures that make motorists better informed about driving restrictions
    5. Innovation in mobility
    FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

    • Support measures to advance ‘Mobility as a Service’ initiatives such as open-access to ticketing and scheduling information of public transport
    • Ensure the involvement of users in automotive Research & Development programmes
    • Champion further trials and testing of autonomous driving technologies
    • Prioritise legislation that protects users’ rights with automated driving technologies
    6. Cross border travel
    • FIA Region I calls on prospective candidates to:

      • Support efforts to ensure cross border travel is more efficient, secure and up to date with the 21st century
      • Ensure that where national measures affect mobility that information and necessary documentation is easily available online, in digital format and available in all official European languages
      • Back measures that allow payments of official documents with all recognised methods of payment (e.g. card, cash etc.)
      • Make sure that in case of lost travel documents, authorities support victims by offering them alternative solutions so they can continue their journey