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    Eurovignette Directive: FIA Region I disappointed by Plenary vote

    25 October 2018

    FIA Region I deeply regrets that today the European Parliament voted for the inclusion of passenger cars in the scope of the Eurovignette Directive.

    FIA Region I believes this inclusion will lead to an additional burden on mobility without resolving environmental challenges or increasing investments in road infrastructures.

    Indeed, the text, as adopted today by the Plenary of the European Parliament, fails to respect principles of:

    • Subsidiarity: Member States are in the best position to decide upon national charging systems for passenger cars;
    • Proportionality: before adopting road charging legislation, alternative measures such as those to incentivise investment in road infrastructure should be taken.
    • Effectiveness: the Eurovignette will not guarantee that revenues are invested in road networks.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid said “This time the European Parliament has failed to protect citizens’ interests and mobility. Motorists are already paying a huge sum for driving on European roads. Before introducing road pricing measures, we should consider better use of existing revenues”.


    Notes to editors


    FIA Region I commissioned two studies on the reform of Directive 1999/62/EC.

    The first study examined the tax revenue from road users versus the expenditure on road infrastructure. It discovered a surplus of €107.9 billion, showing that road transport tax revenue currently covers the investment that governments are making into their road networks.

    The second study was a legal analysis, which concluded that the European Commission does not have a sufficiently strong legal basis to justify an extension of the Eurovignette to passenger cars. Member states are in the best position to decide upon national charging systems for passenger cars.


    About FIA Region I
    The FIA Region I office, based in Brussels, is a consumer body representing 107 Mobility Clubs and their 38.5 million members from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The FIA represents the interest of these members as motorists, public transport users, pedestrians and tourists. The FIA’s primary goal is to secure a mobility that is safe, affordable, sustainable and efficient. With these aims in mind, the FIA Region I work focuses on Road Safety, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, and the promotion of Sustainable Motoring. www.fiaregion1.com

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