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    Road charging must remain the responsibility of Member States

    23 November 2017

    Speaking at a European Parliament Public Hearing on road charging this morning, FIA Region I Director General Laurianne Krid highlighted the substantial costs already associated with driving, which more than cover the infrastructure costs.

    In 2016, FIA Region I released the results of an extensive survey of road taxes and charges on road transport and compared that to Member State investment in the road network. The results revealed a €108 billion surplus that could be reinvested in maintaining the European road network, which underpins the daily lives of Europeans.

    FIA Region I Director General, Laurianne Krid, said: “Today, motorists are forking out huge sums for the privilege of driving on EU roads. Each Member State has taken its own approach to charging the cost of driving, with a combination of excise duty, fuel taxes, registration and circulation taxes. Most of the tax revenue is already directly linked to how much people drive.”

    She added: “The European Commission has a clear role to play in simplifying people’s lives when crossing borders, by ensuring interoperability of existing systems. However, we believe that road pricing should remain the sole responsibility of Member States. The inclusion of passenger cars in this proposal will lead to an additional burden on mobility, without resolving environmental challenges. This morning, we called on the European Parliament to keep citizens’ best interests at heart while working on the Commission’s proposal.”


    Notes to Editors

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