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    Club news: FIB promotes Think Bikes in Iceland

    01 July 2015

    On 30 June, the Icelandic Automobile Association (FIB) launched the Think Bikes campaign to raise awareness for vulnerable road users on bikes and motorbikes in Iceland. At a press conference, journalists from the most important news media, as well as representatives from the traffic authorities, police and emergency services gathered to hear the Club’s messages, led by Kristin Sigurdardottir, MD and FIB board member.

    The launch event was also the premiere of the the FIB’s road safety video “Hjól í huga!” The video shows symbolically how vulnerable cyclists are among car traffic, and it has already attracted significant attention in the Icelandic media. The video will be soon broadcasted in national television channels throughout the country. Additionally, FIB has started the distribution of Think Bikes stickers and the first stickers were displayed on car mirrors during the event. Overall 50,000 stickers will be given away to remind the drivers to think of cyclists and motorcyclists while driving.

    Read the full story (in Icelandic) watch the video here