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    Club news: AvD celebrates the 2018 Hero of the Road

    28 March 2019

    On 20 February 2019, AvD (Automobilclub von Deutschland) and Goodyear celebrated the 2018 “Hero of the Road”.

    The campaign “Hero of the Road”, under the protectorate of the German minister of transport, is supporting courageous road users who acted responsibly in emergency cases. It does not matter whether it is a particularly long distance towing in case of vehicle damage, or a spectacular life-saving. Crucial is the selfless commitment to others.

    Every month AvD and Goodyear nominate a person that provided outstanding assistance in daily road traffic. Among these 12 nominees, one is awarded the “Hero of the Road”.

    The 2018 “Hero of the Road” is Lutz Kluge, who bravely pulled an injured driver out of a burning car. He was awarded by the minister of transport and digital infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer, and received a fuel voucher of  € 5,000.

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