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    Club news: ACTUAE leads in environmental best practices

    13 June 2018

    The Automobile and Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) has achieved the top level of accreditation within the FIA Environmental Certification Framework. This is the first time that an ACN has been assessed for both Sport and Mobility.

    The ATCUAE has demonstrated a very strong commitment to environmental best practice, with the lead being taken by ATCUAE President and Vice President for MENA (Middle East North Africa), Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

    Actions taken to improve environmental best practice include reductions in energy consumption and water use, and improvements in waste management.  For example, the club uses ‘grey’ water to irrigate their garden and grounds.

    Energy saving LED light bulbs are used and timer switches ensure lights are in use only when required.  Waste management is carefully managed, both in the office and at events, with a comprehensive recycling programme in place at the club’s headquarters. Air conditioning is also utilised to minimise energy consumption.

    On the mobility side, the club is succeeding in reducing the number of International Driving Permit applications made on paper and is working to fully digitise the process, which represents a significant reduction in paper use.

    The club is constantly exploring ways in which to improve, and targets for reductions in water and energy consumption have been set for 2018.  In addition, the ATCUAE is currently researching a number of ideas for new environmental actions.

    The ATCUAE has now taken on the role of environmental ambassador for the MENA region and will be responsible, in conjunction with the FIA, for helping to disseminate environmental best practice throughout the region and for encouraging ASNs and ACNs – as well as other stakeholders – to improve their environmental awareness and performance.

    Mohammed Ben Sulayem commented: “We at ATCUAE are very proud to be the first ACN to secure the FIA top level accreditation status for our Sport and Mobility operations and I encourage all other clubs to start the process. This scheme is an excellent service for the members and I thank President Todt for his vision in promoting environmental sustainability.”